Mourning costume / surupuku

The whole installation is a combination of several separate works. It is based on a study on the life of my great-grandmother Aili Vihantola (1907-2007).

"Mourning Costume":

There is a large "female" figure built from old womens' blazers with an egg-like projection screen in its belly. The projection footage is transferred from inside a miniature house. There is a small surveillance camera in one of the rooms. Small figures that are cut out of old family albums are rotating the house. The egg-like projection is a view towards those shadowy, blurry images passing by, filling the screen with their endless movement.

In the wall of the space there are two blown-up old photographs with heads and hands cut out.

"The Glass Walls of the Rectory":

In the bottom of a glass water tank there is a miniature table and chairs. Pieces of rock are keeping these pieces of furniture in the bottom of the water. There is a pile of rocks in a form of a house on the table.