The installation consists of an oval window/mirror and a corridor.

Behind the oval glass the viewer can see a small miniature ship sailing in a dark corridor-like space. It is moving sometimes very slowly so it may be hard to see its lights from the reflecting surface of the oval glass. The boat seems to be on endless journey, pacing back and forth its long but narrow pool.

By the oval glass there are stairs leading onto a half-lit surface. By the stairs there is also a small window with a view to miniature window. There's a projection of a red, pounding heart on the window surface.

On the upper level there is a view to a dark coffin-like ship cabin. There's a gaping black hole in the floor and smaller hole in the ceiling. Behind the walls, from an undisclosed direction comes the sound of a discussion: a man and a woman are desperately trying to figure out their state of beign. The light is continually changing from dark to brighter. Traces of ash can be seen floating in the air.